Performance Plus Wood Screws 70mm x 4 (Tub of 350)

Designed to combine fast and easy use with improved drive, the Performance Plus high performance wood screw is packed with engineered features from head to point, making it the ideal screw to use on site.


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nce Plus – High Performance Wood Screws

Pozi, Reinforced Double Countersunk Head – Reduces head breakage and assists countersinking.

Self- Countersinking Ribs – For improved countersinking and a flush finish.

Yellow Passivated Finish – Corrosion resistant and significantly reduces torque.

Milling Tread – Reduces torque, prevents splitting and torque.

Serrated Thread – Cuts into wood reducing splitting and torque.

Type 17 Cut Point – Reduces splitting and the requirement for pre-drilling.

Each tub comes complete with at least one FREE pozi bit.



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