Landtex Weed Suppression Landscaping Fabric 15Mx1M

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Landtex professional landscape fabric is a thicker fabric, providing heavy duty weed control in most types of landscape projects. Landtex is an eco-friendly weed control solution as it effectively suppresses weeds, eliminating the need to use chemicals. Landtex allows nutrients (including liquid feed and fertilisers), water and air to permeate creating a healthy and fertile soil, whilst preventing weeds getting the light they need to grow.

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This landscape fabric can be used under gravel, provided it is rounded, and can be easily cut without fraying, for planting through. This makes it ideal for use as a weed suppressant in planting schemes. Landtex should then be covered with a 50mm layer of bark, or other mulch, rounded cobbles or decorative stone. It is recommended that a heavier duty fabric, such as our Groundtex woven geotextile fabric, is used beneath sharp or angular aggregates and stone, or areas subject to pedestrian traffic.